Material:1.Glutinous rice 300 g        2. Sugar 50 g     3. Honey in moderation.

survei:1, the rice washing clean, then pour the right amount of water to soak for 5 hours after glutinous crushed by hands.

2, picked up rice, drain the water, use a rolling pin to roll into pieces.

3, clean gauze, wrapped the rolled pieces of sticky rice and steamers on the dough which added water.

4, moving the steamer to the fire.After use stir steaming open,in turn Moderate fires steaming for half an hour.

5, turn off the heat, open the lid, lift the steamed glutinous rice, open the gauze, and sprinkle with the right amount of sugar.

6, and then wrapped in gauze, hand-pressed sugar and rice blend together.

7, rolled gauze, wrapped sticky rice and rub strip, when the cool, cut into small pieces dipped in honey to eat.QQ截图20141229162825 QQ截图20141229162914 QQ截图20141229162904