Outdoor trips need to prepare many of the equipment.Such as: Clothing, Footwear,Hats, Gloves,Glasses,Backpack, Camping, Illumination, Cooking utensils,Water Toys,Communications , Other and so on. These things are not ordinary household type.It must be a special function.

First, let us introduce the first equipment, clothes.

(1)Emergency underwear (outdoor activities essential, windproof, waterproof, breathable, abrasion ……)

(2)Fleece (including WINDSTOPPER, mainly wind, warm)

(3)Wicking underwear (after outdoor sports to keep the body dry)

(4)Quick-drying underwear (summer travel essential, pants, sleeves best possible detachable)

(5)Down clothes (winter warmth necessary to travel or go to the highlands)

(6)Other personal clothing (disposable underwear, T-shirts T-shirt ……)

Unfinished, waiting continues.(Monday,introduce footwear.)

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