Outdoor Travel basic equipment:Clothing, Footwear,Hats, Gloves,Glasses,Backpack, Camping, Illumination, Cooking utensils,Water Toys,Communications , Other and so on. These things are not ordinary household type.It must be a special function.

Second, let us introduce the second equipment, Footwear.

1, hiking shoes (adaptability, wear-resistant, waterproof, preferably high to help, you can call the ankle protection);

2, lightweight sports shoes (suitable for general Excursions, or while driving through);

3, sports sandals (available as slippers to wear, summer wear hiking or directly);

4, sweat socks (preferably COOLMAX material, with the GORE-TEX shoes, can be ranked sweat, winter can prevent frostbite);

5, ordinary sports socks (cotton, wearing comfortable on the line);

6, the snow cover (very useful in snow or muddy road).下载 (2) bg-dunes2 desert_11 th (8)