Peas and Cougars

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*In case you’re curious, Lifeline is a choose-your-own-adventure style game. My unpaid for opinion is, it’s a really unique and engaging app, but it’s also a pretty short game that you really only get two plays out of (pretty much the only game I’ve allowed notifications to be on for!). I have a few other knit-picky issues with it, but I did have fun with it and I’ve spent $3 in worse ways. Like the other week when I bought a bunch of bananas and then promptly smashed them in the car. (I ate them anyways.)

**Also, I made-up the title from an earlier draft where I made a joke about “plutonium” relationships (get it, like platonic! cause I was talking about radiation!), but I wasn’t sure if the joke came through or not. Sometimes I get a little carried away with the really obscure puns I make up. (Please…

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