mini-rhubarb-pieMini pie! Though they can be a bit tough to find, I love my mini, 7-inch pie plates. I have two, actually: one in the classic heron pattern used by Tai’s Uncle Charlie at Hog Bay Pottery, and one deep-dish 7-inch by Emile Henry that I snagged years ago at a little shop in Bedford Village. And they are not so mini, really: a quarter of the pie is still a hefty serving, and with ice cream the pie could easily serve six. But somehow, a mini pie is much less daunting than a full pie: a mere pound of fruit makes a nicely stuffed mini pie, you can almost eyeball the sugar & cornstarch you need for the filling, and I can nearly always round up enough pastry dough scraps in the freezer to make it work.

Since someone (raises hand sheepishly) in the household enjoys

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