glazed-citrus-cookieWinter, and especially “historically epic” snow storms that are a total bust, requires citrus. And cookies. Or maybe the best of both worlds: citrus cookies.

Now a glazed lemon cookie is hardly revolutionary. There are already 62 million recipes (no, really!) out there in the wide, wide world. But a couple of things make these cookies a bit unique: first, I made them with whole wheat flour. And that doesn’t mean that I added a ¼ cup of whole wheat flour to a mostly-white-flour cookie: these are 100% whole wheat and yet neither dense, nor bitter, nor affectedly hipster. Secondly, I used a mix of citrus flavors. Also not rocket science, but I found a mix of red grapefruit & Meyer lemon to be a much more compelling (and delicious) cookie than straight-up lemon. Lastly? There’s some funky glaze action going on up…

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