strawberry-habanero-margaritaAre you looking for a spicy, seasonally-appropriate, festaholic cocktail to kick off your holiday weekend? One that quickly & easily dispatches five of the 28 pounds of celebratory strawberries you picked at the farm last week? One that is so aggressively spicy that your husband takes one sip, carefully slides the glass out of his reach and coughs, “It’s very… um… you.” Of course you are!

This preserve started out as a jam, but as the mixture of strawberries, sugar, chiles, lime & tequila sat on my counter, smelling amazing, I got an irresistible urge for a spicy strawberry margarita. So I pulled off a ladle (or two) of the macerating fruit, cut off a teeny section of habanero pepper, and tossed it all in the food processor. Salted a glass, dug a few lonely ice cubes out of the over-stuffed freezer, et voila!Instant…

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