Supper Lovin'

A boozy Christmas gift in the making…

In September, The Grumpy Chef and I spent a lovely day in Churchill, Somerset, rambling through the lush green foothills of the Mendips, fighting off spiders (and there were many!) and foraging for sloe berries, with which we planned to brew our very own batch of sloe gin. At this point, I’d never made any kind of liqueur from scratch, nor had I ever foraged for anything other than blackberries, so this was certainly an exciting endeavour for me.

A complete novice in alcohol production (I tend to drink the stuff rather than make it), I was surprised and delighted to discover that sloe gin is really easy to prepare. It does, however, take a whole year to properly infuse, but if you make a batch every year (as we plan to) you’re guaranteed to always have a lovely homemade gift for friends and family at Christmas.

There are two preparation methods…

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