Beef Teriyaki Burgers

The Hungry Artist

teriyaki burger

When we go to the Japanese store, Mitsuwa, in New Jersey, Jamie and I always share a Hamburg plate (Hamburger with sauce served with rice and soup) in the food court.  The flavors always bring me back to my brief time in Japan many years ago.  The other night, I decided to make similar Japanese style burgers based on this recipe, which I posted several years ago.  Instead of ground turkey, though, I used beef, and made them bigger, more like the Mitsuwa ones we love.

The sauce is thin, but is so delicious, and so much better than the sickeningly sweet kind you might find in the store.  Mirin is a rice wine similar to sake, but with a higher sugar content. It can be found in Asian markets.  You may have extra sauce which can be stored in the fridge and used in a pinch to…

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Orange Infused Goji Berries and Yogurt

The Hungry Artist


Goji berries are said to be one of the most anti-oxidant rich foods on the planet. Some claim that it boosts one’s immunity system, improves one’s brain function, and even extends one’s life expectancy! They are high in vitamins C and A and are also a good source of iron and fiber, and have some protein. I buy them in bulk at a local market, but they are also readily available at health food stores.

The dried berries are quite hard in their dried state. Unlike dried cranberries, they are not very chewy either. In Chinese cuisine, they are used in cooked dishes, so I decided to reconstitute mine in very hot orange juice. I heated 1/4 cup of orange juice and soaked about 1/4 cup of goji berries in it for about 10 – 15 minutes. This really softened them up and made them much easier to chew. I then mixed them in…

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Cinnamon Scones with Maple Glaze + A Community Giveaway

hungry sofia

IMG_4818Reading Donna Bell’s Bake ShopCookbook inspires me to share my New York origin story –  or more importantly how I met Darren Greenblatt  – one of the writers and co-owners of theeponymous bakery. My older sister’s best friend went to FITwith Darren so he was one of the first people I met when I moved up here to go to school – not that I think I

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Ready Steady Sloe!

Supper Lovin'

A boozy Christmas gift in the making…

In September, The Grumpy Chef and I spent a lovely day in Churchill, Somerset, rambling through the lush green foothills of the Mendips, fighting off spiders (and there were many!) and foraging for sloe berries, with which we planned to brew our very own batch of sloe gin. At this point, I’d never made any kind of liqueur from scratch, nor had I ever foraged for anything other than blackberries, so this was certainly an exciting endeavour for me.

A complete novice in alcohol production (I tend to drink the stuff rather than make it), I was surprised and delighted to discover that sloe gin is really easy to prepare. It does, however, take a whole year to properly infuse, but if you make a batch every year (as we plan to) you’re guaranteed to always have a lovely homemade gift for friends and family at Christmas.

There are two preparation methods…

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For Perfect Meat and Fish

Supper Lovin'

I think it’s safe to say that most chefs and home-cooks are aware of the importance of resting red meat before serving. Something less known though, is that it should also be taken out of the fridge and allowed to warm up to room temperature before being cooked. And this doesn’t just apply to red meat; tempering is also important for the cooking of game, poultry and fish, the reason being that the cooling process works to tighten the fibers of the flesh and prevents the even distribution of heat when cooking. As such, allowing it to reach room temperature before hand will ensure that the fibers are loose enough to take the heat, giving you a perfect result, as long as you don’t over or under do the cooking of course!

So, to ensure that your meat and fish is perfect every time, The Grumpy Chef recommends that you leave it out of the fridge for at…

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A Celebratory Whisky Sour

Supper Lovin'

5714835251_4d504eeec3_bTo celebrate the fact that it’s Friday and, more importantly, that Supper Lovin’ is now listed as a recommended food blog on WordPress (Woop woop!!!), I thought I’d share a recipe for one of my favourite alcoholic beverages: the almighty Whisky Sour. Created from the eighteenth-century practice of adding lime juice to rum to prevent the development of scurvy aboard ships, this delicious cocktail is rich in vitamin C and has become a popular choice for celebrations all year round. Traditionally made with bourbon, lemon or lime juice, cocktail bitters and sugar, this sweet and sour delight is refreshing as it is scrumptious and it certainly packs a mighty punch in terms of booziness, making it a perfect treat for any special occasion.

All you need to do now is find yourself a drinking companion and a party to attend and you’ll be well on your way to having a fun-filled weekend. Now, where did I put my glass?

Whisky Sour with Maraschino…

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Mendl’s Courtesans au Chocolat

hungry sofia

FullSizeRender.jpg-4Film was my first love but it was never an easy relationship.  Early prep days were always my favorite time, when you were crewing up and you could anticipate any and all problems – or not.  No one ever sets out to make a less than perfect movie but there are so many elements that can get away from you that it can be a heartbreaking process.  It’s lovely to see good work  rewarded and I’m excited to see friends making movies being honored this weekend.  What’s isn’t so great is not seeing it recognized, and it was equally disappointing to see so many frozen out this year.

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Ramen soup attempt and Jaï

Cook in Five Square Meters

Reading this article had made me want to try this Ramen soup. Sadly, I don’t think there is any restaurant or a kiosk that serves this type of Asian specialty.

Ramen and Jai-cookin5m2-1

To my excitement, Mike and I had an Asian restaurant to try. I know it’s been there for almost a year, but I didn’t get the chance to try it. Jaï. (give the man some love on his facebook page)

Jaï is located at the beginning of Hamra Street. It’s not practically a restaurant; it has only one table, as they work mainly for takeaways and home deliveries. What’s wonderful is sharing this only table with people you might meet there. This happened in front of us. The 2 groups of 4 left with a wide smile on their faces.
After a talk with the chef and owner about the type of business he’s running and about the…

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Asian Slaw with Peanut Butter Dressing, and Bus Rides

Cook in Five Square Meters

Asian slaw with peanut butter dressing recipe - Cookin5m2-2

Another lazy post. Or lazy recipe.

As I usually do, I write recipes I’ve made and posts I want to publish in the notes app on my phone. I write wherever I’m at.
This time it’s the bus.
My daily commute.
It’s an adventure being on a bus, and being carless makes that adventure a daily routine I don’t think about anymore. If you are in — or you’ve been to — Lebanon, you know how careful drivers are, and how they care for the passengers that they don’t blast bad music across the bus, smoke, allow smoking, drink, catcall, or treat migrant workers badly. This fell into the routine that every time I tell someone I took the bus they whistle in exclamation and comment on the effort I made to get there.

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Roasted Strawberries on Labneh Cheesecake Cream

Cook in Five Square Meters

It is heating up fast. The weather is going crazy. One hour, it is hot with blazing sun, another it is cloudy with a cold breeze. Can you believe that a thunderstorm was hitting us last night? It was like it’s December all over again. But no presents and no more Holidays.
Eventually, summer will be rolling out. With the hot weather, one would want an easy breezy cool dessert while making use of the fresh seasonal fruit at their peak of flavor. STRAWBERRIES.

roasted strawberries and labneh cream cheesecake recipe - Cookin5m2-1

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